Friday, July 02, 2010

A little snapshot

Facebook makes it soooo easy to be lazy about blogging. And until today, it was so much easier to post pictures there that I was having trouble motivating myself to post on here - that's why there's been such huge gaps between posts.

However, I've been having major problems with my computer lately. I've pretty much used up all my hard drive and so my computer is crashing several times a day (painful, much?!) And I need to update Java but for some reason the updates never seem to work. That means I can't use Facebooks photo exporter.

What's that? Too much information, you say? Well, okay. Let's just get on with it.

These pictures have been on Facebook since last weekend. But, since this is a record of everything we do, I thought I'd at least create a collage and put them on here too.

Last Saturday it was sunny and warm. Lovely in fact. So we met up with our friends and enjoyed a lovely day at Harrison Lake followed by ice cream at our favorite (island farms) dairy. It was just about you can see for yourself!