Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whistler Day Two

David has to wear this special tshirt all week while he's in the day part of his day camp. So the group is easily recognizable. He was pretty excited about it :)

The view from our room - in the opposite direction of the forest.

Bike rentals.

This hill looks a little like Switzerland!

So today, David's groups outing was to the community centre to go swimming. David was some worried. So was I considering they've put all the kids from 5 to 12 together. And David hates pools.
That's not exactly true. He's scared of them and flat out won't go in them. And for us he just freaks out if we ever try and get him in one. So I was doubly worried, but I decided that peer pressure might be a good thing in this case and that I wouldn't let him know I was concerned. So I reassured him that they would take him to a pool with a shallow/kids end and that it would be fun. Then I kissed him and sent him on his way.

Four hours later Andrew picked up one HAPPY little boy! He'd had a blast and can't wait to go again. Thank goodness!

After lunch we strolled through the village to go check out the new playground near the IGA.

I like it. Unfortunately, David decided to hop on a merry go round with some older girls. It got going a bit fast and he went flying off. Landed on his head, bounced and hit his face on the concrete. Scraping both his scalp and his forehead. Other than a bruise, he seemed okay.

We found a nice spot to take a break.

Then as we were walking into the hotel, we decided to check out the pool. The door usually requires a key to get in, but it was open. Elisabeth and I walked in. As David walked in, the auto door swung shut. Hitting David squarely in the head and knocking him to the ground.

Oy vey. Anyway he seems fine. We had a quiet afternoon, and dinner and by then he seemed good. But what a day for the poor boy!