Friday, July 09, 2010

The Chows are in Canada!

Once upon a time, I was a university student. I don't really remember how it went, but I met a hilariously funny, generous, and hopelessly lovelorn boy named Julius. We shared a love of music, movies and a major (Communications) and somehow, despite a myriad of differences, became friends.

Fast forward a bazillion years and Julius is one of the few people I've kept in contact with. After years of listening to his stories of unrequited love, I was thrilled when Julius met Elsa. He introduced us to her here. I wish I could find some of their wedding was like a fairy tale. Or a fashion shoot. Simply amazing.

We haven't been to Hong Kong to visit (yet), but every few years they come here and visit us. This time, we got to meet their beautiful daughter, Alvina.

David and Elisabeth were enchanted with her. (That's her "CHEESE" face below!)

You can hardly blame them. Look at what a little doll she is!

They stayed way past bed time (but who needs bed times in summer anyway?!) so that we could try to capture that perfect group shot.
We didn't quite succeed.

And then Alvina escaped!