Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Chows visit again!

We had the pleasure and honour of hosting the Chows for a second time. This time they brought their overnight bags and had a sleepover. Yay! Double the fun!!

They brought some gifts for our children. Elisabeth got a puzzle. A very misleading puzzle which disguised itself in a box that looked perfect for Elisabeth...but was really a 150 piece thingy. Whoa! Luckily, Julius jumped right in to help her.

Showing her how to match the pieces to the box so you can figure out where they go.

She doesn't look like she's too sure about this whole business!

So we took a break and had some dinner.

Here's David's gift. He was pretty thrilled with it!

I'm afraid I pestered Alvina with lots of pictures. But can you blame me? She's just soooooo cute!

So's he!

After dinner they kids watered my plants.

Then we brought in the big guns. The puzzle was that hard.

(see. Big guns.)
We left the adults to their puzzle and me and the other kids played the lightning mcqueen game.

And played dress up.

And the best part about a sleepover? You get to keep playing the next day! We had breakfast and headed to the back yard for some water fun.

Still trying to get a good group shot. Maybe in 2012?