Thursday, July 02, 2015

A walk in the clouds

David and I have been trying to go for more walks together in the evenings. It's good exercise for us both, but it's also a great time for us to bond. Especially since David likes me to distract him from the fact that he's walking by talking with him. So he always grabs my hand and says, "what should we talk about today, mom."

This particular evening we walked through the meadows just north of our house.

As you can see, the grass has gotten very tall. As you pass through the meadow, you come to this bridge. Sometimes there's so much water down here the entire bridge is under water. But we had an unusually dry winter followed by an unusually warm spring so the creek is quite low this year.

If you're lucky, you can sometimes spot wildlife in here (if you're really lucky, it won't be that cougar that's been prowling around Langley this spring and summer). Once I saw a beaver, but his house doesn't seem to be here anymore.

We continued on past the wetlands and turned west towards Surrey. It was a beautiful evening.

And the sun was just beginning to fade, so that I could capture all these gorgeous shots of the sun as it descended.
Just about here there is a huge tree with an equally eagle's nest. Apparently it's been there for years and years, my Running Room walking leader showed it to us one morning as we were on our long walk. I have yet to see any birds in it, but we've started including this route in our regular walks just in case.

Here it is. You can't see the nest right now because of all the leaves, and the angle I took the picture from. But the sun is nice, isn't it?

(You almost can't tell we're walking amongst the power lines, can you?)

We continued on to the industrial border of Langley and Surrey where the path ends near the railway tracks.
Our choice was to cross the tracks or back track and go over the overpass. I left the decision to David and he decided he wanted to hop the tracks, 'like a hobo'.

And then walked towards down the mall...which meant we got to pass the most amazing part of town where there were junk yards and shipping containers and these guys:

While David debated breaking in through a hole in the fence, I took pictures.

He discarded the idea of breaking and entering in favour of being danger boy on the overpass.

Here's the junk yard, or scrap metal yard...lots of beautiful junk to look at.

One more overpass, and we were done.