Friday, July 31, 2015

Tuesdays in Thun

It's going to take me a while to catch up - it's been a busy week. I can't believe how much we've packed in to the last two weeks (it's already two weeks since we left Langley!?) but at the same time, it feels like we'll be leaving far too soon. We have one more day trip planned, and then a few ideas for things to do with our last few days...all too soon this amazing trip will be done.

On Tuesday we went to Thun and visited my cousin and his family. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hospitality. Especially you, Romy. Both David and Elisabeth have said that visiting you was the highlight of their trip, and they keep asking if we can go back.

We drove to Thun and arrived at ten am. We had a few things we were looking for (actually, David and Elisabeth had a few things they were looking for), and so we went to the main street to do some shopping quick. Mission accomplished, we headed to JJ and Romy's house for lunch. They had catered to my picky eaters and made spaghetti with homemade meatballs. I think it was the first meal where both of my children were happy - and both had seconds.

Then all four kids (their two and our two) went to play. The boys have these ride on toys and somehow, David and Elisabeth got it in their heads that it would be fun to race them down the hill in front of JJ and Romy's house.

These pictures don't do justice. The kids were FLYING down this hill.

And little J would fly after them down the hill in his bare feet.

Back up the hill to start the race again.

My youngest cousin - freshly up from a nap - and bemused by all the activity.

Isn't he adorable? They were such sweet boys.

Here you get a better idea of the hill they were riding down.

After a lovely couple of hours sitting in the backyard and enjoying coffee and fresh fruit and ice cream, it was already time to go. This is the hard part about having your family scattered all  over the world. Just as you're starting to feel comfortable, it's time to say good bye again.

Andrew and Dad were done for the afternoon, so they found a cafe to sit at while me and the kids went for a walk. We started by recreating a photo my brother and I took back in the 90s.

 And then started walking through Old Town. Here, we're walking past the upper shops.

 But you can see there are two levels. I love this little, crammed part of Thun.

 Then we found one of the alley ways up to the Thun Castle.

 We climbed an awful lot of stairs and were rewarded by a gorgeous view of the Thun rooftops.

And the old walled castle and church. I love these old walls. We're still hoping to find an afternoon to go back and explore some more.

 My awesome kids were all too willing to pose for me and I took advantage of their willingness.

 Loved this little cottage and the vespa parked outside.

 And here is the Thun Castle! Isn't it gorgeous?!

 By this time it was 4:30, and too late to go in the castle. But there's quite a lot to see just outside. And we went into the museum store and bought some ice creams for the walk back to dad and Andrew.

 Just inside the gates was a wishing well. The kids are trying to tell how deep it is here, and where the money goes that people throw into the well.

 Taking an even closer look to see if he can figure out how to get that money...

Perfect spot for a photoshoot, don't you think?

 And then we found another alleyway and some dark, creepy stairs.

And made our way back to the fountain square.

 What a beautiful day we had.

 The River Aare runs through Thun. I love the riverside cafes and restaurants.

 I also love the colour of the water here.

 Back on the main street and all the shopping.