Thursday, July 23, 2015

Last Day with Anny, Gstaad and the end of the first week

Thursday morning, and our last day with Anny. After breakfast, we headed back to the village again. While we waited for dad to finish some errands, we explored the Kroenenplatz.

Walking back up to Neu Oertli, we ran into Anny's friend Heinz. We walked with him up the hill, stopping briefly while dad chatted with old friends along the way.

My kids were super huggy today. Not sure why since this evening they've done nothing but fight.

We enjoyed a soup lunch, and then said our goodbyes to Heinz and Anny who are off to Austria for two weeks.

Since we had the afternoon free, we decided to drive to Gstaad. It's not really worth a whole day, but Gstaad is where all the rich and famous go. There are all kinds of designer stores with very very expensive things.

Which means there are lots of opportunities to take pictures. Kandace, that picture above is for you. We missed the tennis by just a couple of days...

Anyone who notices Andrew walking with a cane...well, that's why he hasn't been doing the hikes with us. Andrew has injured his knee twice. And then last fall he injured his foot. His foot finally healed, but we think that by walking funny for his foot, he injured his knee again. Totally sucks.

Grosspapa and Elisabeth...doesn't she pose prettily?!

David, doing his Arthur and the sword in the stone impression.

We had to recreate this picture from last time we were here. David decided the ferrari was too much car for him.

But Elisabeth seemed to like it.

We went into this great little tourist shop. Lots of Swiss kitsch and very reasonably priced.

This was a beautiful little church, that they ruined by putting an ultra modern foyer on. I cut it out of my picture.

I loved the stone work over the door.

Obviously I'm going to take pictures of every single little chalet that I think is pretty. I'll try not to post them all.

I liked this flower store below and the little wooden trees.

I remember there being a lot more fountains in Gstaad.

Dave and the sitting duck.

Another church. For a one street town (seriously, there is one road with stores on it, and some chalets and nothing least not that I've seen), there were a lot of churches.

These guys and their expensive watches.

Outside a home furnishing store. Cause what goes better next to your coffee table than a stuffed mountain animal?

Gstaad Castle waaaaaaay up.

We finally finished looking in shop windows and stopped for coffee and ice cream. The kids had ice cream, we had coffee. Apparently, they can't keep up with the demand for ice cream this hot, hot summer and there is a shortage. Which was evident in the little ice cream cooler. Still..we got some.

And my delicious kaffee kreme. Yum.

We stopped to water the cattle. And maybe cool down a little ourselves. After the rain yesterday, it was already back to sweltering sun today.

And that is a Ralph Lauren store, I believe. So quaint and unassuming.

I found edelweiss in a planter outside a jewellery store.

This building was built in 1899.

Caught her taking selfies with the giant wine bottles.

We wandered through some back alleys, but there really is only one road to Gstaad.

More picture taking for Instagram.

David was astounded that anyone would want a sculpture of kissing.

Love his face...

Me and dad taking selfies.

Just look at those flowers!

The hobbly husband.

And finally home again, and time for supper. Tomorrow we head to Montreux and Chateau Chillon.