Friday, July 17, 2015

Fourth Annual Camping Trip

Sorry, no time even to pic-monkey edit these pictures.

It's become something of a tradition that our family and two families from school have gone camping at Bridal Falls. It's pretty epic. So this year, we decided to stay for ten days. It was so stinking hot, we mostly stayed in the pool all the time. Once in a while we tried to do activities.

Canada Day we drove to Hell's Gate - Kandace and I hadn't been there since high school and the men had never been.

No pictures of the tram ride down because so many people in the way! But here we recreated the little ride down:

Some obligatory pictures in the big 'ol chair.

Even Cubby wanted in on the action :)

There's a suspension bridge there - I don't remember that from the last time I was there. It was pretty cool. There's a hike from the suspension bridge that goes up to the highway. Or you can hike down from the highway and then ride the tram up. It's probably better to do it that way.

Those are fish ladders. When they were putting in the railways they blasted rock and bazillions of them fell down into the river and made it too narrow for fish. So they built these little tunnels for them.

Back on the bridge - time for a group shot.

Denis asked for a shot by the train tunnel.

Then one of the boys, looking tough.

The kids ran on ahead of us, and then all of a sudden Lizzie came running back, "Griffin's been kidnapped!" Turns out this tourist was grabbing random kids and buying them ice cream. He'd nabbed all four of our kids and was in the process of buying them ice cream when Elisabeth thought maybe we should know where they were. YUMMY ice cream.

And here is the very kind gentleman (centre) and his two friends.

Next stop was panning for gold.

Seriously serious business.

Cubby was content just to watch.

After they'd finally finished playing, we went for lunch. Honestly, just meh and darn expensive. Next time, we'll plan so we don't need to eat here.

 Since we were already in Hope, we stopped at the Othello Tunnels.

 And here are more pictures from around the camp site: Pool shot!

 Playing a game where they balance on their toes only and try not to fall in the pool. David was very good at only balancing on his toes (some kids had the balls of their feet on the pool edge), which meant him very bad at balancing.

 On the Friday, we drove up to Cultus Lake Waterslides. Best. Idea. Ever.

 The Colossal Canyon was a big hit.

 As was this crazy ride (the Boomerang?)

 But zero to sixty was awesome.

 David loved this slide.

 Friday night was also movie night. We decided that since the second Friday's movie was Frozen, we'd better accessorize with frozen treats :)
 Last trip up to the falls (we had to work off the ice cream somehow!)

A little attitude around the camp fire.

 And all too soon it was time to go home.