Monday, July 06, 2015

Track meet superstars

As a Grade Three student, Elisabeth was eligible for the city track meet. For months before, our school practices the events, and then chooses two students for each event. Elisabeth ran in the 800m and the 4X100m relay.

She loves running, but had never competed before, so understandably she was a bundle of nerves. David and I took the day off to come watch her compete, and we were nervous for her too! I remember my first track meet and how anxious I was - but I also remember the thrill of taking part in something like this. So Andrew and I took her out and bought her a special lucky track outfit for good luck the night before.

Some of our other friends competed first. Third from left is our neighbor, Nate.

And there he is again, running like a hero.

After a morning of waiting, it was finally Elisabeth's turn.

Her friend Emily was competing in the same event, for the grade 4s. She gave Elisabeth a big hug of encouragement.

And then she was off! We'd had lots of conversations about pacing yourself and not running too fast in the beginning, but not too slow either (what do I know? I'm not a runner!)

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Lizzie!

It was so cute to see how proud David was of his little sister. I love how close these two are.

And for all her worrying about placing last, she came in third. Not bad for your first time running a race, Elisabeth!

Haylea was so encouraging. She waited at the last corner and ran the last 200 metres with Elisabeth, shouting praise and encouragement the whole time.

Then, after another wait, it was time for the relay.

Running her darndest because she was NOT going to let the team down.

Tuckered out.

And I have to say, she seems to have the bug. Before long she'll be doing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon with me (and kicking my butt, I might add!)