Friday, July 17, 2015

Everything else

The first thing Andrew did when we got home from camping was set up the pool. It's been really really hot, and the pool...lovely. Not that I've had any time for lounging around poolside (more's the pity). Luckily, the kids were able to enjoy it.

Now, if only we had some rain barrels to fill with the pool water...

Last weekend my bff and I took some of our respective children to West Vancouver. It was amazing - the colours...Tragically beautiful. The drought has really done a number on us this summer.

When we arrived at Whytecliff, I did wonder what on earth I'd been thinking. Two boys, crazy cliffs and the raging ocean beneath. They loved it, and I spent most of the time we were there praying.

And in the end, nobody fell of a cliff into the ocean, so yay.

Of course Riley and Seth caught crabs.

And David climbed everything that wasn't moving.

Luckily (unluckily? Since this meant the kids climbed the island) the tide was out and we were able to explore.

Even on a gray day, it's just beautiful in our province. I love my home.

After Whytecliff Park we drove to Lighthouse Park and explored there. I'd never been, but I will definitely be going back. Just beautiful.

And it rained! Well, misted, but enough that we got quite wet.

Can you make out Vancouver in the background? It's that light gray smudge near the top of the picture. Imagine how spectacular this view would be on a sunny day.

I was disappointed we couldn't get closer to the lighthouse. I'll have to see how far the sea wall comes from John Lawson Park towards Lighthouse Park.

Oh, and the forest is NOT for the faint of heart....

When we got home, Elisabeth was at a sleepover. So as is our custom, we went to Fort Langley.

Where I took many pictures and David climbed trains.