Monday, July 06, 2015

Family Fun Day

The kids are changing schools in September. This is a big deal for me...we've lived two blocks from their school, and two blocks from the middle school since we moved into our house seven years ago. Our school is small. Tight nit. Like family.

But with David finishing there, we had to make the choice. Middle school, or switch to a school that goes to Grade 7. In the end, David made the choice and he chose to do Late French Immersion with Jade. The school is still within walking distance (though I doubt we'll be walking very often, since it's probably a half hour walk, and Andrew and I both work, plus it's all walking on a very busy road.)

Since Kathi and Cody and their family have been a part of this family for a few years now, they invited us to attend Family Fun Day.

We started with a bbq lunch (which was delicious!) and then moved on to some old fashioned games (with a new twist as you'll see in some cases).

This one was toss the bog roll.

Jade was really good at this one!

Then there was the chilli cook off. For a couple bucks you could get a taster of each one, and then vote on your favorite. You can see which ones I thought would probably need a little help to go down :)

After the food and the smaller games, we had some sack races, and three legged races. The kids were totally into this.

And guess who won the Chilli Cook off?!