Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Sports Day

So Sports Day was June 16th. Elisabeth decided for the wheels parade she was going to use her roller blades. Plus she was on the black team. So it only made sense to do her up like a roller derby girl, right?

For the first time ever in the history of the universe, it was sunny for sports day. Probably cause we're in the middle of the worst drought we've had in ages. But we didn't quite know that yet. Anyway, they got to do sports day outside. Including the wheels parade. There she goes!

And David had his sprained ankle, so he didn't participate in much, but he was able to ride his bike for the parade. And there he goes!

David and I watched the first few events, and he even participated in one event, and then he and I were off to the pediatrician. This has been a rough but good year for us, which is probably another post. Anyway, we got back from the doctor around lunchtime, which was just in time for him to join in lunch (and another event) and then we watched the old fashioned events (mostly the tug of war).

I can't believe I was concerned about getting a base tan back then. Ha ha ha. We haven't had any rain in so long and now there are forest fires raging everywhere so even though it's hot and dry, you can't see the sun for all the smoke. Maybe I'll do a blog post on that too.

In the meantime, here we are, blissfully ignorant, and enjoying the sunshine.

And after all that running about, we dashed up to 7/11 for slurpies.