Sunday, December 18, 2016

Annual Trip to Capilano's Canyon LIghts

When I was planning all of our Christmassing this year, the kids were adamant that we had to include the Canyon Lights. One of the perks of having a Local's Annual Pass to Capilano Suspension Bridge is that we don't have to budget this trip into our Christmas plans. I hadn't planned on going until we were on Christmas break, but we had a crisp, clear cold spell so we decided to go on a Monday night after school.

This was a good choice. Despite the perfect weather, the park was not crowded. It's so nice to be able to go and enjoy everything at your own pace and without feeling like you need to rush because there are people behind you.

I love Capilano Suspension Bridge any time of year. But there's something about this time of year.

Though as you can tell, it's all about the lights and less about the views (in fact, I overheard a woman saying that she was glad it was dark when they came; otherwise she would have been too scared to do any of it).

Annual picture with the bear.

And it was kind of hilarious how excited they were to play checkers outside the gift store.

 Then we made our way to the cliff walk. It's tradition. We always start with the cliff walk.

It was really spectacular.

I probably say this every time I blog about CSB, but I think it would be amazing to take over the whole park for a day and throw some kind of spectacular party here. Imagine a wedding here.

Or some kind of ritzy fund raiser. At twilight in the summer with lots of pretty dresses and sparkly drinks.

And right in front of this is a gazebo tent. Perfect, right?

Anyway, we went in the tents and the kids decorated gingerbread men.


 After some selfies and a snack, we decided it was time to cross the bridge. There still weren't many people there yet so I took about ten minutes enjoying everything about the crossing.

It was impossible for me to take pictures that capture the beauty. But there's a waterfall on the far side of the bridge. And it was lit up so that the entire fall was coloured. It was amazing.

A new feature at the canyon lights is the fire flies. It was kind of fun to have something interactive on tihs side too.

 We did the treetops and then made our way to the lakes.

I love this part.

Oh look, another checkers set.

Time to go back across the bridge.

 Love this place, and love it at Christmas time.