Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mom's weekend away

Any mother knows how precious a weekend "off" can be. It feels like this has been such a long year, without any kind of real break, and so I clung to the hope of this weekend away like a ship wrecked man to any flotsam or jetsam in the waves.

Anyway, melodrama aside, it was a lovely weekend. Andrew and I worked our last craft sale of the season on Saturday and then we rushed home and I threw some things in a bag, left my weeping children on the doorstep and flew out the door to the ferry terminal (thankfully, by the time I called Andrew from the car the kids were already happy again).

My friend Wendy, who I know from my days as a student at TWU, picked me up at the ferry terminal on the island and we went to her home in Victoria. There we caught up on years and years of news and ate delicious Chinese food.

Sunday it was raining, so we enjoyed a lazy brunch and then decided to visit Craigdarroch Castle. I'd never been before and it was decorated for Christmas.

It was absolutely lovely.

This was the most haunting room. This lovely child spent most of her life in an asylum. Her family says she was witness to some violence in Europe and never really recovered. Very tragic.

This is a picture she drew as a ten year old.

I've read about dance cards many times. Here they had some examples.

Graffiti left over from the 40s.

Next we headed to Oak Bay for a latte and lunch.

There were lemons growing on the shrubs along the building.

And roses in bloom!

Next it was off to my brother's house to visit his family. A very quick visit, but it was so nice to see them all and meet Camille.

We ended the day with appetizers at the Milestones in the bay.

I had booked Monday off, and Wendy had Monday off, so we started the day at Capitol Iron.

Then walked the few blocks to China Town. Which might  be more aptly named, China Half Block.

A soldier from the same town Tommy is from.

Of course I needed the photo op in Fan Tan Alley.

We were a bit early getting to the ferry terminal, so we stopped for a coffee in Sidney.

And then it was home to my family.