Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day Three of our Christmas Staycation

This was the view from our hotel. Well, part of our view. I liked the writing on the top of hotel Canada.

Today we finally were going to cross off all the items on the Vancouver Ambassadors list. Well, all the items I'd highlighted anyway.

First one was visiting the lighted sphere outside Nordstorms. Which would have been way more fun at night.

Still snapped a few photos though and am hoping I may get our at night again :P

Then we walked past Pacific Centre (hence the tree below).
We ventured into the Four Season Hotel to look at all their Christmas Trees.

This one cracked me up!

And I loved the hard hat on this one.

But this was our favorite!

Though the book one was a close second.

We crossed the road and walked a block to Robson Square.

Where we were hoping to skate on the outdoor rink. Especially when we saw that it was A. open and B. emtpy.

Only, it was too soft so it wasn't actually open.

So Andrew made off with their presents instead.

David made Hollywood Walk of Fame foot and handprints in the snow.

The next stop was the Sutton Place Hotel.

They had a tree display too.

And from there we went on to Hyatt Regency to see their Gingerbread House display.


This one was not a real gingerbread house!

We liked the Minions too!

Lizzie visited Santa.

And then Elisabeth bullied us all with snow.

We made our way back to the waterfront...partly so David and I could visit our snow man.

First we had to find him.

Apparently I didn't take a picture with my camera. All that was left was a pile of melted snow, some bark and a branch.

It was very pretty, but still cold. So we decided that perhaps we should go back and rest for a while. Which really means my kids wanted to binge watch the Cooking Channel.

A few hours later, we decided to use our free tickets to Bloedel Gardens. So we took pictures with their giant snowmen.

And admired the ferris wheel.

And the conservatory itself.

And then we built a snow Lizzie.

And a snow David.

Then we went inside and looked at the lights.

It was quite magical - and vastly different from a day time visit.

And then Elisabeth and Andrew rode the ferris wheel while David and I sipped hot apple ciders and ate popcorn. But those pictures are on my cell, so I'll post them later.