Monday, December 19, 2016

Wassail and Bonfire Night

Back in November, when I started planning Christmas, I heard about the Dundarave Festival. It runs Saturdays in December, but the on the 17th they had a Wassail and Bonfire night and I knew we would enjoy that the most.

Also, Airmiles announced five years ago that their air miles were going to start expiring. We'd been saving up to go to Disneyland, but that dream flew out the window. Time was closing in, so I finally decided to cash in our airmiles for 3 nights at the Delta Vancouver Inn and Suites so that we could do all the Christmas things and not have to drive too much.

So, our first night away was the 17th. We got both of our boys settled on their respective adventures, and then we headed to Vancouver to check into our hotel. Once we'd unloaded the car, we headed to West Vancouver. It had been so cold the past week and this evening was crisp, clear and only slightly warmer...but it was beautiful.

This is what their website says about this particular evening: These fires have deepened our sense of belonging, celebrating the life of our community as we face the winter together in this place of exceptional beauty.  This night, crowned by a bonfire presented as it has for generations by the District of West Vancouver, is the ultimate night in the Festival's season.  We turn our faces together to the sunset, knowing that darkness will not have the last word even as the nights grow longest because loving friendship endures; we stand together at Dundarave Beach to make sure no one is left out and alone in the cold.  This is the moment to bring with you everyone you love for a loving Christmas that starts here, deep in a forest of trees shining, festive and bright on Dundarave Beach.

There were several musical acts, we stood around the fire and listened for a while, and then while the kids played on the beach, Andrew and I wandered through their Forest of Miracles. 

 There was something magical about this giant fire and the beach and the night.

The Dundarave Nativity was beautiful, and has an interesting story. You can read about it here.

Then we went into the tent where there was a jazz band accompanying a singer - she was amazing. I wish the website listed who she was.

She sang some traditional and modern Christmas music while the family enjoyed hot dogs.

Then we danced along to the music.

And then we wandered out to the water's edge and enjoyed the lights.