Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Van Dusen Christmas Lights, the 2016 edition

Sunday evening we headed across the Granville Street bridge and towards Van Dusen Gardens. As usual, the parking lot was full and we ended up parking almost on Granville Street!

I enjoyed looking at all the houses as we walked back to the gardens.

The lights inside were breathtaking.

And the thick layer of snow that had been falling all day added a certain something to the light displays. We loved how the lights on this gingerbread house shone through their snow blanket.

We were first introduced to the lights by my brother's in laws. The displays don't change a whole lot, but the lights are so spectacular. It's so worth a visit.

And of course, I love all the photo ops along the way.

Also, they have food along the way. We've never gotten any, but the smell of mini donuts sure adds to the experience (go with a full belly. We've managed to make the mistake of going hungry two years in a row now).

New this year was the carousel. Our tickets included a ride so these three lined up while I waited to take pictures.

Then we wandered through the Paris Gardens.

Once an hour, the music and lights around the lake are synchronized and it's just lovely. My favorite part.

Then we headed to Whitespot for dinner. Lizzie was too tired to eat.