Monday, December 19, 2016

First Christmas

Saturday was our last day with both boys. Tommy's parents are here visiting so he's travelling with them. And Larry has gone home to his grandparents in Burnaby for the first week of Christmas break. I had it in my head that I  wanted a picture of all the kids and this was my only opportunity.

As you can tell, it was hard to get one with everyone behaving for the camera.

Especially Larry and Elisabeth!

I think this is the one I chose in the end...

And then Larry was off! A group of his friends were all heading to Burnaby for the day, so he joined them and would head to his grandparents after.

We weren't sure when we would see Tommy again, so we had him open his Christmas presents. First, the jammies from Grandma.

And then his present from us.

Look at his eyes - this made my day :)

 Apparently I chose well. Tommy was so excited with his very own Nerf gun.

The pocket sized lazer gun was also a hit. Though he warned it would probably get him in trouble.

A successful first Christmas!