Monday, December 19, 2016

Well the weather outside is frightful

Well we woke up to snow falling outside our hotel room. What a weekend to be downtown Vancouver!

I saw a list on Facebook - it had been compiled by the Downtown Ambassadors and listed all the Christmassy things going on in Vancouver. We decided to start with a M family tradition, and head down to the Convention Centre for the Woolworth Christmas Window displays and other events taking place there.

I was a bit surprised at how little snow clearing seemed to be going on, but the snow was fairly easy to walk in and the cold was bearable.

We were greeted by Santa doing his morning exercises.

And since most things weren't starting until noon, we decided to start by looking at the window displays.

Throughout the weekend we battled a bit of moodiness. I think each of us had at least one tantrum, and I may have tried to get picked up at one point (ha ha), but we soldiered through and I hope the kids only remember the good stuff (doubtful, but I can hope).

At the very end of the lane, the Port of Vancouver had activities inside. It was warm, dry and we basically had the place to ourselves.

I'm so glad/lucky my kids both still enjoy all this kind of thing.

Inside the convention centre was a huge snow globe. And because it wasn't in the lobby, the line up was short so we threw the kids in.

Then we made our way to the Rudolph Theatre to watch The Little Drummer Boy before starting on the crafts.

We intended to keep following the list, after a quick detour to Coal Harbour.

It was a pretty spectacular day to be wandering along the sea wall. But somewhere around here Andrew decided that he needed to give his knee a rest. And Elisabeth was freezing. So they broke off and went back to the hotel while David and I continued on.

We built a snow man. I'll add that to my usual cell phone posting.

And we enjoyed the sight of Stanley Park looking so wintry.

And I liked the juxtaposition of the otherwise bleak white landscape and these beautiful fall trees.

And then we decided that if we were going to venture out again tonight, it would probably be wise to head back to the hotel too. I was pretty soaked at this point since I'd only worn my leather boots and not my snow boots (what was I thinking?!)

So thankful we got to experience this city in the snow! Absolutely gorgeous!