Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Snow day!

On boxing day we were going to go to the Heritage Christmas at Fort Langley. But when I double checked their hours, they were closed on Boxing Day. D'oh!

But then it started snowing, so we didn't need to go anywhere anyway.

And after hanging out and relaxing and napping and stuff, we had to kick all the kids out into the snow. But then, they realized how much fun they were having and everyone joined in.

For some reason, lying face down in the snow seems to be a big thing this year.

Jade keeps trying to snow board on our sleds.

More face plants.

Eventually I wandered off and left the kids alone so I could go take pictures of our driveway.

 A quick shot down the driveway shows that the only car in and out of our cul de sac all day was Larry getting dropped off at our house!

Wondering why there's a body in my driveway?

Apparently just lying around in the snow is a big thing this year too.