Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ANOTHER SNOW DAY?! What is this, Alberta?!

In completely un-lower mainland style, the snow stuck around! So on Saturday the kids went right back out to play in it.

I finally dragged them in from the snow, and we made salt dough ornaments.

AND we even got Ada and Ruben in on it.

While I dried the ornaments, the kids went back out to play in the snow again.

And they made a beautiful snow family.

And some snow balls.

Oh, and this is about how much snow we had. Everyone else on social media had lots. We had enough that the kids got their sleds down the hill - but as you can see it didn't even cover the grass.

These kids didn't care.

Saturday night was time for our annual gingerbread house building competition.

Tommy was the first one done.

Andrew put the most effort into his roof.

Tommy's had gingerbread burglars breaking out with candy.

David made snowmen from marshmallows.

That's mine.

"Hey Larry, we hate to break this to you, but..."

"But uh...that's the BACK of the house..."
"what? Nooo..."
...Wait, what?
"OH NO!"