Sunday, July 23, 2006

Davey was excessively talkative at breakfast this morning so, wanting to preserve the sound of his cute little baby voice, I pulled out the camcorder. Our battery is dead and we can't seem to get the right one for this gadget, so I can only use it when it's plugged into the wall - and therefore hardly ever use it.

When Jadey stopped by I happened to catch the cutest scene on tape though. If I ever learn how to post video to this I'll have to put it on.

Davey and Jade were (grudgingly) taking turns pushing each other around in the little yellow and red car. At one point, Jade was closing the door for David and caught his shoe in the door, causing it to come off. After trying to get it back on for a few seconds, he decided to climb out of the car. Jade quickly hopped in and took off.

Meanwhile, Davey patiently stood and tried to put his shoe back on himself. It's a water shoe and a bit finicky, so after several minutes he still hadn't got it back on. Without a word he walked over to Jade (still in the car) and handed her the shoe. She in turn tried to get it on him without getting out of the car. Of course, she couldn't quite reach his foot and he wasn't about to lift it on to the hood of the car. So she finally hopped out of the car (holding the shoe) and David hopped in and took off.

They're great little con artists/comedians these two.