Friday, July 28, 2006


My son continues to amaze me.

First of all, yesterday was the most boring day ever. We started with a trip to the Obstetricans who are overseeing my pregnancy. Because they're a team of three, plus locums for them when they're on holiday, plus a locum to give them days off, Andrew and I hadn't met all the doctors yet. Actually, with David we only ever met Dr. A and one of the locums. Dr. B delivered Davey and did my follow up. Yesterday I was seeing Dr. M so Andrew wanted to come along and meet her too, which meant Davey had to come since we have no one to leave him with right now.

The receptionists didn't tell us that she was busy delivering a baby via C-Section, so she was REALLY late seeing me. Davey was wonderful. Especially for the 1/2 hour or so we were waiting in the exam room. He HATES doctor's offices at present and gets very scared. After about ten minutes he calmed down and played for the rest of our session.

We had two and a half hours for lunch and a nap, then we went for Andrew's doctor's appointment. Since we also had to see the same doctor for Kathi, we dropped Andrew off and drove to Booster Juice to grab some smoothies before returning to the waiting room. Davey was awesome! There were four people in the waiting room and he entertained them all. I've never been to the doctor and had it feel like coffee break in the waiting room before, but by the time we left (at which point the room was full...the doctor was running behind and so everyone was about 30-45 mins late) my stomach muscles were SO sore from laughing. Not that he was being a clown in particular, we just had a jolly atmosphere going.

Anyway, I can't stand being in appointments all day, I was so impressed he was good.

David has also made leaps and bounds in other ways this week. On Monday he started counting. Just out of the blue. We don't actively try to teach him his numbers, but we do have books with numbers in them, and on his slide there's a grid with one to ten which we sometimes count on. But on Monday he did 1-5 several times, and then 5 - 8 as well. WOW.

Mum says he can identify coloured crayons if you ask him to select a certain colour. He hasn't done that for me yet though.

Today in the car he was looking at his "hungry caterpillar" book and started telling me the story. not full sentences mind you, but he definitely knows how the story goes.

And he makes up the greatest songs. So very funny.

I feel like I have nothing to do with these advances he's making. Maybe Andrew is secretly coaching him. Either that or we have some kind of genius child on our hands who is just figuring things out on his own. Sweet.

And now news of David's sister: Well, the doctor's appointment didn't really reveal much other than there is still a baby in my gut. But this morning I was having weird twinges for about an hour. I spoiled it by having a lie down and they went away. They came back again this evening, but as I've gotten absorbed in blogging they've stopped again. Here's fingers crossed that I'll go into labour on my own (no inducement this time!) and soon :)