Wednesday, July 19, 2006

She's almost here...

Only 7 days till Tink's ETA.



I had my 39 week appointment today (thurs. 20). Nothing going on in terms of labour happening any time this century. Which is fine by me since Katt goes for surgery on Monday and we can't both be in the hospital at once. I'm hoping Tink waits till Katt is sufficiently recovered to watch Davey before she decides to come. Sort of.

Appointment was fine. Saw that locum doctor who was so awful last pregnancy and he was fine today. Though when we were talking about all the pregnant women ready to give birth he did say it's "calfing season". My mum thinks he's really a vet and that's why his bedside manner is lacking.

I've managed not to gain an ounce for the last month. Not surprising when you consider that my belly is so huge there just isn't room for me, Tink AND food (or drink most of the time for that matter). And for all those of you who complained last pregnancy that I didn't have a pregnant waddle...Oh I've MORE than made up for it this time. Yah.

anyhoo. That's the news on the new baby front.

Davey likes Tink's crib. Insisted on having a rest in it while I changed this morning. I wonder if he'll want to have naps with his sister when she arrives?


Englers said...

you're due in a WEEK!? wow indeed! I think this calls for an "about to pop" prego pic. :)