Friday, July 21, 2006

Yesterday Andrew and I decided that we would take the kids to the beach today. We're not sure how many more times we'll get to go this summer, and with the weather so nice...

Last night was sooooo hot, it took us till about three to get into a good sleep, then Davey woke up at 415 and stayed up (though just playing and singing mostly) till after 530. So by the time morning came, we weren't sure if going to the beach with all three kids was the smartest idea we'd ever had.

We went anyway.

Instead of bringing the wagon, today we decided to bring the picnic table. It was still hard to get David to sit still while he was eating, but all in all, less food ended up covered in sand than usual.

I believe at this point there were four different sand castles being built. Very unusual for my brood. Usually they collaborate on one HUGE hole/castle near the water. Still, they look like they're having fun.

"Auntie, look at THIS boat!!!

Andrew taught Ashlie how to make towers for sand castles using wet sand. He's the king of castles. Here she is practicing her technique. This afternoon she wrote a story about how to build them, which I will post on her blog in a second.

Watching the yachts. All three kids loved the boats. Especialy when the boats went faster than they were supposed to (this is the no-wake section of the beach) and created some big waves. At first Davey was the only one who would stand near the water, the girls would run screaming up the beach. By the time we left, all three would stand waist deep in the water and laugh hysterically at the waves. One day we need to go to Cultas and body surf in the waves...

When we got home from the beach, Jade and David were both asleep. Really, really out of it. So while they were sleeping, Ashlie and I wrote some stories, and then a little photoshoot. Here's the pretty girl. Oh - and by the way...DEFINITELY made the right decision on going to the beach. It was about fifty degreees hotter at mum's than it was at Crescent Beach. SO glad we were there today, and SO glad mum has air conditioning!!