Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday with Davey

Davey finally noticed Tink's bed today. At least, today he demanded to be allowed to get in it. Immediately tucked himelf in and played with her bears and doll.

And seems really to have grown attached to this bear. He calls it "Beanu". Or at least, we think that's why he's repeating beanu so much. Here, they're tanning on the lawn. Later, Davey felt Beanu and said, "Hot" before picking him up and moving to the shade. Apparently that wasn't cool enough though, because...

He got up and walked straight to the pool with the bear. Time for a dip little friend!!

And now that he's cooled off in the water, Davey carries Beanu back to the shade to rest on an adirondack.

(as an aside, I was given that bear for Christmas 30 years ago. We were just commenting on how well it's stood the test of time. It's currently hanging out in the sun in the slide house. Hopefully he won't suffer any ill effects of his dip in the pool.) Here, Jade and Davey share some popcorn. Mnnnn.

Then went inside to practice being cheeky monkeys.

And back out for more popcorn.


Christine said...

priceles, love the bear washing, one mustn't be too careful, bears can get sun strock too and need a cooling down. And, you, don't be silly, you're beautiful. BEAUTIFUL, I TELL YA. nuff of this nonsense, now.
Luv auntie.