Saturday, April 29, 2017

Date with mah girl

so now it was Lizzie's turn to go on a date. We were supposed to go to Chilliwack to Tulips of the Valley. But there was an accident on the highway, so she wanted to go to Fort Langley instead. We stopped at TWU to trade cars with Andrew first.

 And the trees were in bloom so I grabbed my camera and started snapping.

 Then Elisabeth wanted pics with her dad.

 Aren't they cute?

 We finished up at TWU and headed to the marina. Where they have these rhododendron bushes that they've trimmed so they look like they're trees and they're perfect for climbing.

 And posing in.

It was such a beautiful evening to spend at the river.

 We finally left the river and started wandering around town.

Elisabeth was sooooo into being my little model. Which was perfect.

We went to Maria's Gelato and got some dessert.

 Apparently it was really good.

We moseyed over to Lee's Market. See...she was in a theatrical mood.

 And grabbed some sandwiches which we ate beside the river.

And then she pretended she was a rockstar.

 We ended the night at High Street Mall in Chilliwack. We shopped for dresses and things for Liz and looked at clothes for Ruben and Ada. But best of all we bonded. We're so much alike, sometimes we just clash. But this evening was perfect.