Tuesday, April 25, 2017

yeah, STILL more from the coast

These pictures about melted me.

 David loves small children, but the cousins often overlook him for the more gregarious cousins.


I asked for them to pose for a picture.

 Aren't they adorable.

Can you spot the monkey in the bushes?

 Ruben decided that the little groove in this tree was perfect for him to hide in.

 After lunch, we went to Sechelt. Look at my gangly girl.

 Seriously the best lattes in the world.

 So I know I said this before, but the sea walk in Sechelt is beautiful. You would never know it's there. But it's wild and windy and desolate. And yet the paths are manicured, and there are gorgeous gardens and vacation homes.

 It's perfect.

Jade pretending to do homework.

 I could retire here.

 This looked like an elephant rising from the pebbles.

 Gorgeous house, behind Andrew there.

 What is it about scrabbling on rocks that is so much fun? But we love it.

 This house was lovely too.

 Then the clouds rolled in and we scurried back to the car.

 No storm materialized, so we stopped at Davis Bay.

 The ice cream shop was closed. We can't catch a break at Davis Bay.