Saturday, April 22, 2017

More from that trip to visit the Lins in Victoria

Cellphone pics from our trip to the island. We left really early, remember? I was hoping for good sunrise pictures. But I guess it was too cloudy.

 We took selfies instead.

David is my little twin.

 h'anyway. Then there was a life boat drill.

David and I got there just in time to watch it. 

Off they zoom, to go find the little orange parcel in the ocean. The ferry stops to make sure further assistance isn't required.

 My favorite part, hanging out the car level window while we dock.

 Apparently they followed us into port, cause there's the rescue boat again.

 Our first stop was the hardware store, where we found viking paraphernalia.

Then we were off to the lego thingamagummer.

I'm so proud of the little guy I built.


 This was the 3D printer. It was sooooo slow, but cool to watch.

At the Sidney museum we watched the lego movie.

We stopped for lunch and I did not drink.

The view out the window from lunch.

Glass beach looked like it had been freshly restocked. It was brilliant.

 And then Rob took us to see the sights.