Sunday, April 23, 2017

More from that time I took the kids to Cap Bridge

Have you noticed a trend in my blogging? Oh yah. I'm totally cleaning up the 2500 pictures I'd accumulated on my phone. I guess it stresses me out because I know I have to sort it out into blog posts. And then I'm boring because I have six months of blogging to do, all at once.

So here, I'm revisiting the time I took the kids to CapBridge. The first time we went was blogged here.

I love these totems. Do I say that every time I blog?

 Jade was so gosh darned cute on the bridge. I think I took a million pictures of her crossing. Terrified, but delightfully terrified.

 This is another picture I take every time. Always on the hunt for that perfect Instagram picture. But that would mean I'd have to edit the pictures.

And who's got time for that?

Ashlie, proving how limber she is.

Then, because they'd never been there before, I wanted to show them all the dam. It's a thing of beauty when there's water.

 I'm not the only one trying to get the perfect Instagram picture.

 Jadey George. She just might be the coolest kid ever. And I'm not being facetious.

 Then the kids started dancing. Uh, I mean, Jade did. Is she doing the chicken dance?

David didn't have a picture taking device. So he tried to shove his head through the fence.


 And this is what happens when Lyth girls try to fight.