Saturday, April 22, 2017

North Vancouver Photoshoot with my bairns

These are from my cellphone too. I took my kids to West Vancouver to do my homework.

We went for a wander around the Capilano Dam.

 We have been very sedentary this winter, and there are some steep hills there. So I didn't want to over do things.

 Then we wandered around both sides of the dam.

 I liked the grunginess of the rock. I'd love to do a photoshoot here.

 Oh wait. I did that with the camera.

 Because it was a dodgy day, we bought new umbrellas in case the rain was awful.

We didn't end up needing them. But aren't they pretty.

 I hid David's from him. He couldn't find it. Can you?

 Muah hah hah.

Then we went to Whytecliff Park, and ate pizza.

 Gosh my kids are getting old.

 The next few pictures were taken by Elisabeth.

 And then David slept. For ages.

 We drove to Steveston.

 Then Elisabeth slept.