Sunday, April 02, 2017

Day trip to Victoria

The last Friday of spring break, we hopped on a ferry again,  this time to visit my dad who was house sitting on the island. The kids insisted they needed to catch the 7 am ferry.

That meant we left the house at 5:40. FIVE FORTY AM.

I still can't get anyone to hang out on the outside of the ferry with me. I'm never going to see a whale from inside.

Dad picked us up from the ferry and we headed to Fort Rodd. They weren't quite open yet so we had to get Tims while we waited.

Then we went inside.

I've blogged about this place before, but it's a fort built into the hillside to defend Esquimalt and Victoria.

We went there at David's request. As you can see, it's pretty cool.

But I wish they would make it a little more like Fort Langley or even some of the Forts out in Ontario and have more there. People wandering around telling us what it was like when the fort was open, reenacting things (though there was never any battles, so I'm not sure what they'd reenact!)

Dad found a loo. He's a magnet for these places.

Even dad had fun playing.

I would say almost half of the exhibit was closed for restoration work. So that was a shame. Also, because it was spring break, there were a lot of people there.

Dad noticing how much David has grown.

We wandered down to the lighthouse - stopping for a break by the water.

After we'd wandered around and explored the site (which was mostly an exercise in frustration. Me not getting the pictures I wanted for my homework and everyone else waiting around for me while I took ten million pictures. Though I think the kids would have been happy just climbing everything and playing, but...)

We needed food so we went to My Chosen Cafe in Metchosin. If you're ever in the area, GO. The food is delicious and their candy/icecream store is amazing. I haven't tried the pizza yet, but it looks delicious too.

Oh, and they have a little petting zoo.

Next stop was Oak Bay to feed the seals. Lizzie's request.

Elisabeth even touched the fish <shudder>

I didn't get my coffee in Oak Bay and we were all sad.

We stopped in Sidney for glass but it was pouring so I didn't take many pictures.

And then it was done and time to go home.