Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Julius and Michelle invited us to go to Fairhaven with them over spring break. I love Fairhaven.

For one, the buildings are gorgeous.

And there's so much character.

And food.

We wandered around used bookstores. Then new stores.

We went for pizza, but you'll see that later.

And then we walked towards Boulevard Park.

Where I tried take pictures for homework. But you know.

So I used my wide angle lens to take some pictures.

I think I like it. Both for getting a picture of all the things.

And also for standing ten feet from something and getting the whole of it in the shot.


This was the used book store we stopped in. It was insane. Bring lots of money.

The Lion of Lucerne. I wanted this.

We went to Village books where all the kids plated with toys.

And then we went for pizza. Real Chicago pies. Well they had a couple of varieties, but that's what we got.

Two thumbs up from me and Juls.

It was a thing of beauty.
David got his own pizza. I forget what kind it was, but he liked it.

Look at that flakey crust.

Then we wandered the streets.

And ate the weirdest gelatoy ice cream ever.

It was a bit like eating glue.

I don't need a sign, but I liked this.