Sunday, November 19, 2006

We were so close....

I was really hoping Tink wouldn't be like her brother. In fact, for about three weeks, I was sure we had the perfect child. She would fall asleep around 930 and sleep straight through till five...sometimes even later. I think she slept till 7 a couple of times. And she was even having naps in the day time. Something she'd never really done since we brought her home. Real, honest to goodness naps in her bassinet. I was in paradise!

Then, gradually the nighttime sleep started getting unpredictable. She would go to sleep somewhere between 930 and 11. And sometime last week it got even later. Friday night it was 230 before we could get her to sleep. And even then it was only when I finally gave in and let her sleep on me on the couch that she slept. Last night I did the couch thing even earlier. Maybe 1 am. And she woke up every hour until five thirty when she finally slept for almost 90's 11 now and Andrew just finished bouncing her...who knows if that'll work.

I was really hoping we weren't going to have to let her 'cry it out'. I can't handle the cruelty of it. Even if Davey's the best little sleeper in the world these days. Maybe she's just teething?

I wish kids came with personalized instruction manuals.