Monday, November 20, 2006

This afternoon we just couldn't resist the call of the ocean. So, despite the wind and rain, we piled into the car and drove to Crescent Beach. Of course, both the kiddies fell asleep in the car, so Andrew and I left the engine running and the car unlocked and parked right on the beach and ran to at least see our little log cabin. Amazingly after all these storms it's still there. Surrounded by so much more driftwood. We're going to have to get dad's truck and trailer and start hauling it back here so we can keep it for when we build our house one day!

Those 45 seconds Andrew and I were on the beach alone I almost remembered what it was like to be out there before the kids came along. Not that I would give them up for anything, it's just sometimes you forget what it was like to go anywhere and not have to haul six bags full of diapers and clothes and food...and to talk about whatever it is we used to talk about before now...when all we talk about is how cute our kids are, or how long till we have to feed or change one of them. We're very boring now.

Speaking of our gorgeous children, this is them after we got home. I didn't notice they were both making the same faces with their hands over their mouths till I uploaded the pictures. Toooo funny.

My family hasn't celebrated Halloween since we became Christians, but I've always loved dress up and costumes so I take advantage of the Halloween sales to buy costumes. Today we got pictures of our nephew Aydan from Ontario and in one he's wearing an elephant costume. So Davey was inspired to try on his lion costume and be a lion for the remainder of the afternoon.

Kinda reminds me of that kids' book about the tawny scrawny lion...