Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Late Breaking News

So in all the years we've been having my sister's girls sleep over, we've never let them sleep in the same room as Davey. For some reason I'm completely paranoid about them all keeping each other up. So in the townhouse, Jade would go to bed first, in our room, then Davey in his room, then Ashlie in our room. Ashlie got to stay up a little later cause she's so much older than the other kids. We never ever slept well because we would wake up at every little noise the girls made, scared they were not sleeping well or something.

Now we don't have the option of putting them all in different rooms, so Jade is asleep in Elisabeth's crib in the same room as David.

I was totally prepared for them to be talking and throwing toys at each other for about an hour, then splitting them up till they were both asleep and finally moving one of them back into the baby room. So imagine my surprise when they didn't make a peep after Andrew closed the door. It was only 730 and both bubbies were fast asleep. And Tink is asleep now too. Do I dare hope they all sleep till at least 6????

fingers crossed everyone, fingers crossed...