Monday, November 13, 2006

Fun with lambie, "I help", daddy and me and miss tink: the diva...

If ever I have to do something where I can't keep my eye on tink and davey, I put lil'missellie in her crib. It's the one place Davey hasn't figured out how to climb into, and she seems to be quite happy to play in there. So today while I cleaned the bathrooms, tinky played with her little lambie in the crib. First time I've actually seen her playing with a stuffed toy. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the play on film.

Later, I was spot cleaning our carpet. Davey came along and saw me spraying, "I help" says he. Sure Davey, of course you can help me clean. So here he is dusting his crib. And under it. Great job Davey!

And again, later, here's andrew and his sweetie. I think she's waving at me!

And our own little diva. Looking stylish (thanks to the Chadvanis!) I hadn't planned on putting this outfit on her, but I couldn't find her I had a rummage through the 6-9 month size clothes drawer. Good thing, cause this outfit fits her perfectly!!

Waving again, must be that princess/diva thing.


Anonymous said...

SUCH a cute little vest!