Tuesday, November 28, 2006

YAY! The snow is still here, still white, and I have a kid to play in it with!!

Here's a picture of Tinkie as we were heading to Old Navy this afternoon. I think she likes the snow, but she doesn't like wearing hats. Which is too bad since she looks so doggone cute in 'em.

This is what our poor little snowbear looks like these days. A little weary if you ask me.

When I first asked Davey if he wanted to come play outside with me, he said, "no. it's cold". When pressed he said, "I cold. Play inside with cars." But then he saw me outside by myself and took pity on me. YAY!

After watching me try to sled down the hill. I tried putting him on the sled but he didn't like it very much. I don't blame him. Our snow is very deep and as soon as he sat on the sled it sank into the powdery snow. Not so much fun.

So we decided to hop the fence and go to the park instead. It's pretty there.

Here he is at the top of the hill with his back towards our house (behind all those trees). Still not quite sure what he thinks of this snow and his crazy mamma.

The pond at the bottom of our hill...the one that almost came into our yard during the big floods of '06.

Then, I sat Davey on his bum and dragged him down the hill by his boots. As you can see, he thought that was hilarious. So we did that a few more times.


Then a nice dog came over to say hello. "Hello doggie, can I give you a kiss?"

and more fun sliding down the hill on our butts...WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The end.