Saturday, November 25, 2006

I guess it's been a few days.

Today was the first non-rainy day in what feels like an eternity. So despite the fact that three outta four of us are sick, and none of us got any sleep last night, we decided a walk in the fresh air would be just the ticket.

We're still not having any luck persuading Elisabeth that she likes the stroller. So, today we decided to try her in the back-pack carrier. OH YA. Finally something she loves. Good timing finding that out too, since Andrew goes back to work on Monday and I will need to get out of the house for walks!

Here's a close up of her looking all big in her new mode of transportation.

We decided it was really cold along the ocean, so we only did a small stint along there, then we duked through the "town" of Crescent Beach and through some of the trails. To Davey's great delight, we spotted some "horseys" in someone's back yard.

Lots and lots of herons out today. Doesn't it look cold?

Even colder. While we were unloading our car, there was a family next to us discussing how they couldn't understand why they had to be at the airport so early tonight since it was nowhere near cold enough to snow today. This though they were all wearing huge coats, toques, mittens and boots. Andrew and I just looked at each other with big eyes that said, "are you CAR azeh!? it was sooo cold today!"
Here's Andrew reenacting the crazy eyes.