Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slumber Party

Tomorrow Kathi and Ashlie are going on a school field trip. They have to be on the road earrrrrrrrrrrly so Jadey is staying for a sleep over. YAY fun! Specially since we get to keep her ALLLLLLLL day. oh ya.

So Jade got here in time for dinner. Which was very, very loud. Then it was bathtime. Jade didn't really like bathing with Davey because he was way too excited to have someone to play with and kept splashing and kicking her....

Here they're playing with the awesome Caillou sticky bath toys Uncle Paul and Aunt Terri and Cousin Aydan sent Davey for his birthday.

So, then we decided to throw Tink into the mix. And yah, she loves the bath, but tonight she was super excited to have TWO people in the bath with her. She thinks she's a big girl when she gets to play with the big kids.

And our beautiful girl after her bath:

oh! this one's outta order. But this is Tink playing in her bouncy seat before she got into the bath. We have to be so careful and strap her into the bouncy seat because she can rock the whole chair.

And no, we totally didn't plan our outfits! Davey is Diego (complete with a Rescue Pack) and Jadey is Dora. WOW. that is SO cool. And don't the kids look like they think so too!!


Anonymous said...

too funny about the P.J.'s :)
Cute kids... I miss my little bubba girl
Give her lots of kisses for me