Thursday, November 16, 2006

As I grow older, I'm realising that a lot of character traits I thought I possessed, I don't.

I used to say I thrive under stress. Now I realise that I mistook ballooning into a ginormous whale for thriving.

I used to think I loved storms. If I didn't have a tree house (or even a doorway) to go sit in and read with a thermos of something hot when it was storming I wasn't happy. After yesterday I realise storms aren't so much fun. They're cold and scary. Specially when it seems every tree in the Lower Mainland was willing to divest itself of it's home and fly into our front yard.

Okay, I'm exaggerating a little. But I'm glad we have power back.

Anyhoo, here's tink in her exersaucer. A great way to actually get to sit and eat with my family is planning it so her play time coincides with meal time and then throwing her in this thing. I love it.

Because their power still wasn't on today (it came on about dinner time, ours came on at about six am), my sister left Jade here while she went to get Ashlie from school. Davey and Jade insisted on having their naps together. You can guess how well that went!

And despite all my whining, we're just really grateful that no major damage was done in our neighborhood. We now have a great shortcut to the park next door, and the pesky screen door which always stuck has been taken off the house for us. :)

A big thank you to all the BC Hydro people who worked through a long scary night to get us our heat and lights back on.