Saturday, November 11, 2006

just another day at the beach...

Ever since the big storm hit the coast earlier this week, Andrew and I have been wanting to get back to the beach and see how our log cabin project is faring - especially since we remembered that the storm of February '06 wrought havoc on local driftwood arrangements. Though our log cabin seems to fairly safe, we thought that since today was relatively rain free, it would be a good idea to see what state exactly it was in.

Of course as soon as we were ready to head out the door the rain started falling. But since we were all bundled up, and the kids were probably going to fall asleep in the car anyway, we decided to go. We could always take turns getting out and scouring the beach.

When we got there, Andrew and Davey decided to do the first walk:

As you can see, most of the cabin's foundation is still there. In fact, the entire first layer of logs seems okay. The second layer seems to have broken since last weekend.

And as you can see in the above picture, a LOT more driftwood has been deposited all around our pile. That's actually a bonus though, since it means we have more lumber to work with and less far to drag/carry it.

It was really, really windy and cold at the beach. Davey insisted on getting out of the car, but once out, he was really too cold and too tired to do much.

...other than yawn.

(is that the cutest picture ever, or what?!) Meanwhile, Elisabeth and I stayed in the car.

She doesn't like wind very much. Though I can't say I blame her, I hope she learns to like it eventually since the rest of us usually like playing outside no matter what the weather.

Davey got back in the car and we watched these crazy guys who were out in the water doing some sort of windsurfing involving parachutes. Looked fun, but very, very cold.

Then I decided I wanted to go look at all the piles of driftwood, so Davey insisted on coming too. I had no idea it would be soooooo cold.

When we got back, Andrew was no where to be found and tink was getting ready to drive home.

and the innocent face she made when we caught her in the act....

We got to watch the most amazing sunset.

Then we took a detour on the way's what the waves looked like at Whiterock's beach.

The pier was absolutely soaked. Would have been an amazing day to be out for a walk...if we didn't have two tiny, tired babies who would probably have been way too cold.

Pretty much a perfect day by our standards...