Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not having such easy access to pictures is really forcing me to think before I blog these days. I think I kind of like pictureless blogging, in that it makes me remember significant things David and Elisabeth have done. And a good portion of the point of this blog (other than giving the Ontario relatives a means to see the kids grow up) is for me to remember every part of D & E's growing up.
We've been trying to teach David to share. This stage in their life makes it difficult because on the one hand, at this age David is learning that he is his own person. He's making choices and discovering what he does and doesn't like. His personality is really growing and changing. On the other hand, as he learns to play with other children (as opposed to alongside them), he's faced with sharing his belongings (and sometimes, being told what to do. But that's another story.)

Some days he does better than others. And some things he will share more readily than others. Food being one of the things he loves to share. In fact, he's tried to share food with Elisabeth almost since she was first born. Especially if she's been crying, he'll try to give her food to make her stop (he hates it when she cries. In the beginning he used to cry too. Then he would yell at her to stop. More recently he will get very sympathetic and ask her what's wrong. But if he can't console her, he usually ends up crying too. Very often he'll be sobbing, "stop crying baby, stop crying tinky").

In the past few weeks Davey has moved on to sharing food with the cats. Somehow he knows that they don't eat people food. So he'll get little handfuls of catfood and carry them around after the cats, "Here, try it. Try it. It's yucky." Who could resist that sales pitch? When they won't eat from his hand, he fetches the whole cat bowl. Just yesterday he was lying flat on his tummy, under the arm chair, arm outstretched towards jasper. "come here kitty. Try it." They just don't buy it though.

That's when he came to me with a cookie, 'Mamma, try it'. Oh dear. A very, very slobbery, smooshed up gingerbread man. But that's what you do when you're a mom right?

Tinky loves that cats too. She especially loves Randall and will dive for him and grab with both hands fistfuls of his hair. Luckily Randall is the cat who loves people and doesn't mind her showing her affection.

Davey's repertoire of songs has increased now to include Christmas music. His three favorite carols are: "Jingle all the way"; "Merry Christmas to You" and "Santa Baby". Those being the only words he knows to any of the three carols. And the second is sung to the tune of Happy Birthday. But he has started writing his own songs. Today he wrote a lovely song about Tinky and played along on his Ukulele. He also finds innovative ways to play the ukulele, today he was playing it like a fiddle, only using a pinwheel as the bow.

Wow, look at the time. Andrew and I are SO addicted to boggle. We can't wait to get the kids into bed at night so we can get as much Boggle in as possible before bed. We always say we're only going to play an hour but it ends up stretching into one more victory match, one more to regain my dignity, one more for the road...but he still never manages to beat me. HAH!