Saturday, December 02, 2006

Spirit of Christmas: Part Two

At our house we like to celebrate as many days of Christmas as possible! So this morning we got up nice and early and headed off to Potters to pick up a Christmas tree. If you're in the market for a live tree, their prewrapped douglas firs are $24.99 as long as you don't unwrap them. And they have the hugest Christmas store in the universe and this weekend Santa was there. So good times.

Here we all are posing in front of one of the trees. If we look a bit crazed, it's because some scroogey old geezer (he was at least 55 ;oP) just swore at the kids. They weren't doing anything wrong, so I guess we'll give him the benefit of the doubt (though Andrew was wishing he wasn't carrying babies so he could deck the guy and there aren't many things in this world that drive Andrew to anger, let alone violence!)

We didn't get a great picture, but they also had the cutest little 3 foot trees...perfect for a tinkerbell to pose beside. I love little trees...

We stood in the really long line and got the kids pictures done with Santa. This was Davey's first time seeing Santa Claus, and he cried. But he was a trooper and stopped long enough to get his picture taken. No smile, just big, sad eyes with huge tears in them. The girls all posed nicely though. Even Jadey who has been adamantly declaring all week that she likes Santa but she's not sitting on his lap.

The santa at Potters gave them all a candy cane AND a little bath scrubby. cool.

Here's Andrew and the kids beside our tree. As our family increases in size, so too has our tree been increasing. The first year we were married it might have been five feet tall. It was adorable. This one is a mere two inches from our ceiling and very, very full.

Daveybear loved this train. It's actually at least six feet long. The picture is deceiving.

Helping mamma decorate the tree. Alternating singing "Jingle Bells", saying Merry Christmas and "Santa Clause"

The first year Andrew and I were married, we made our own decorations. Very homespun Christmas. And yes, this is one of my creations. Hard to imagine I actually want to get an Art degree when you see the tackiness that this little decoration is. I'm better at drawing than painting...