Monday, December 18, 2006

Well, I haven't got much new to blog about, so tonight I rearranged the links column. Added a whole whack of new's the breakdown:

Family hasn't changed.
The Write Away Gang: is a group of fabulous women who all happen to write in some capacity or other. Sometimes we manage to hang out in person and inspire each other to greatness. Mostly we just gab online. We're writers, not necessarily people-people. Not all of us have blogs. Some of us don't blog as often as we should. HINT HINT.
Friends and Stalkees: I figured I should finally try to consolidate most of the blogs I read regularly in one place.
Veg food: great resources for veg and vegan cooking. MNNN. Why Veg and Vegan you ask?? We're aspiring vegans who sometimes lapse into meat eating. Not often though cause the main house cook thinks meat is gross.
Canadian Kids Stores: Fun places to window shop
More Kids Stores: More fun places to window shop

Andrew is out Christmas shopping and I should be in bed. Tink will be waking any minute for her first feed of the night and I'm soooooo tired. But I'm not very good at falling asleep when he's not home and so...

Davey caught dad's cold...though he has a much milder version. Thank God for answered prayer! But it took him ages to fall asleep tonight and he kept making the funniest noises. He is such a funny little chappy. And knows it. He will proclaim (very randomly) "I'm Funny". Along with other phrases: "I need a Hog" (erm...hug); "I'm a frog" (followed by much hopping); "I'm a cow. MoooOOOOooo"; "It's hard to do!"; "I can't reach it" (usually a signal that he's trying to get into something he shouldn't be); "I'm Naked!!!" (with much glee and without much regard to actual nakedness...sometimes it's just his feet that are naked); "I can't reach the baby" (with real anguish and usually if I've moved her just slightly out of reach. In fact, he likes to stand beside me when I nurse her and stroke her head. If I move her without him noticing he gets very upset and has to be within reaching distance again); "It's a mummy"; "We can do it!" (or other phrases from Bob the Builder, his very, very favorite show); "I HONgry!!"

Tonight I stripped Tinky down for her bath, but she's just so cute and babylike when she's bare, so I had to blow some raspberries on her tummy. Both she and Davey thought that was incredibly funny. While I was running her bath I left her in just a diaper on the gymthingie on the floor. Davey promptly got on the floor beside her, alternately licking her feet, "I eat it!!" and sucking on her chubby little tum. She quite liked all that. It was just when he tried to squish himself in beside her for hugs and kisses that she got a little (just a tad) indignant. Poor Davey. He wants to love up that little sister so bad. And she's got too much of her mamma in her.

Well, it's almost 11 and though Andrew's still not home I guess I'd better head towards bed. (maybe it was a bad idea to tell him the Langley Walmart is now open 24/7 till Christmas...)

ps. Andrew's home now. But I remembered that today we were upstairs having Italian Christmas Cake with Dave and Mum. And Tink kept crying and reaching out for my piece. When I'd give her some she'd grab my hand and shove the cake in her mouth and stop crying for as long as it took to eat it. So at dinner tonight we fed her some mashed banana. She devoured about a teaspoon full. Loved it. No problems keeping it in her mouth until she was full. Then she'd just keep pushing it out till we finally got the hint. So Davey's first food was baked beans and tink's was cake. Heh.