Friday, December 15, 2006

Pretty Little Tinky

Now that she's wearing size 6 months, Tinky is fitting into a lot more of the pretty things we were given for her. This beautiful dress is from Natasha.

I was feeling a bit sad that we didn't have any cool "baby's first Christmas" outfits like we did with Davey...we actually had to plan what he was wearing and when because he had three santa suits and three other Christmas outfits.

Not that we couldn't have gotten something for tink, they just don't seem to have outfits of the calibre that they were the year Davey was born.

Well, I found his outfits the other day, and though they're all size 3 months, I think we can squish her in them. So all is not lost, I'll still have lots of opportunity for Christmas outfit photo ops with Elisabeth. YAY!