Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bright Lights, Magic Elves, Christmas Trains and Miracles:

Andrew had an appointment in Vancouver this afternoon, so in the spirit of craziness, I thought it would be a great idea for all of us to tag along, for me and the kids to sit in the car for an hour and then for us all to go to Stanley Park. Yes, I am crazy. Davey informs me of this regularly.

It actually wasn't so bad. Sitting in the car for 45 minutes was long enough, so at quarter to Andrew's appointment being over, we went and waited in this great little Italian cafe. The owners are young guys who have FOUR telelvisions in the place and a dance floor (yah, it's a coffee shop) so we watched King of Queens and a bit of Wheel of Fortune. Next time I think we should just spend the whole hour in the coffee shop.

Anyway, we made our way to Stanley Park to the Bright Lights Exhibit. Parking wasn't too bad to find and here's Davey and me waiting for Andrew to find out if there are tickets left. The website made it seem like they sell out, but I don't think there's any danger of that on a weeknight.

I love this picture of Andrew. He just looks so excited to be here.

Along the path into the exhibit there were all kinds of little displays set up. Really, really cool. If our kids were older we could easily have spent an entire evening here. I'm hoping next year with a stroller and snacks we can make it last for at least an evening. The park was beautiful despite the damage wrought by the storms last week. The firemen/women and volunteers were so friendly and the train ride was totally worth the money. Definitely planning on making this a holiday tradition.

Mum, this one's for you. GREAT life sized nutcrackers guarding the train station. Davey was a bit scared, kept peeking over his shoulder to make sure they wouldn't get him while we were snapping the picture.

But he absolutely loved this little thing. And the fire truck which I didn't get a picture of.

Here we are after going through the animal village and before discovering our car keys had fallen out of my coat pocket. I look tired. I am. Davey is happily overtiredly excited. So long as mummy carries him and doesn't let the animals, magic elves or nutcrackers anywhere near him. Good thing this isn't a real santa.

Hunh, I guess Tinky did come along. She was so excited and smiley at first, but I think the wait for the train was too noisy and then the train ride was noisy and she got a bit overtired. But she was very good so that Davey could see everything he wanted to. Oh yah, then I realised our car keys had fallen out of my pocket. Luckily, Andrew had the spare set, but we were a bit freaked none the less. I figured they must have fallen out on the train when I was holding Tink, the diaper bag, a blanket and the camera. At one point I unzipped my pocket to get something out and that must have been when the keys fell. DOH! We asked at the ticket booth if anyone had turned them in. Then Andrew asked at the train platform and no one had, but the guys said they'd check the train when it came into the station. Then I went and asked the ticket guy if I could go through the lineup and everywhere inside to see if I could find them. Finally we just gave them our phone number and decided to leave. I prayed the whole way back to the car that they would turn up (and not have been dropped in the parking lot where someone might have discovered them and stolen our car!)

Seconds after getting everyone settled in the car they phoned to say someone had found and turned the keys in. YAY! Especially that we hadn't left the park yet. Thank you God for answered prayer.