Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Tree Decorating Party

We started off the Christmas Tree Party by decorating Santa cookies. Again, my crafty sister Katt's idea.

Here's the finished product ala Jade and Ashlie. Cute, hunh?

Then Davey decided to give it a try too.

First he helped me make my santa. Not bad for my first try.

But he had his own ideas about what a yummy santa cookie would look like...Think outside the box kid, that's the way.

Next it was time to trim the tree:

Cookie face and all.

Most of it was done by Jade and Davey, our little tree elves. Once in a while they'd ask me to reach the high spots for them.

Meanwhile, Ashlie sang Irish songs from the fireplace.

Our tree topper. Uncle Dave has started a tradition of interesting tree ornaments. One year we had a (barrel of) monkey with painted clothes for a tree topper. Last year and this year (cause Dave wasn't around to come up with something brilliant and different) we get this adorable monster. He made the greatest ornaments for Rob out of spark plugs. He should have his own Christmas store...