Tuesday, December 12, 2006

well, our camera is still sort of half dead, which is part of the reason why I'm not blogging so much these days. Sometime between getting our Christmas Tree and watching the Santa Claus parade, the part of the camera you plug the cord into (to download pictures) died. We can still download pictures by plugging in our memory card to our printer, but right now it's only set up for Andrew's laptop...and I'm not using that camera these days.

Anyway, technical difficulties aside, things are going pretty well these days. Davey is getting some kind of molars. At any rate, they're the teeth right at the very back of his mouth. Which means he's in full drool mode. So much so that two hours after we've put him to bed at night we have to switch him to the other bed because he's drenched the first one. Once he's asleep he's usually fine, but it's that falling asleep period where he does a lot of singing and talking...

Which is why I'm glad that Elisabeth is still in her bassinet. I don't know what we're going to do once she either starts moving or gets too long. Both of which seem to be fast approaching.

She had her four month shots yesterday and our nurse was awesome! With the first two pricks you wouldn't even have known anything had happened. Plus the nurse was one of the friendliest women I've ever met.

Tink's latest 'thing' is to reach out and hold both sides of your face and slowly move in for a nice smoochy smooch. So sweet. So far Jade and I are the only ones she's bestowed her kisses on.

Dad (or poppa as Davey calls him) was over today with gingerbread houses. He and Davey and Jade spent a good hour creating an amazingly beautiful, if very decorated house, only to have it collapse under the weight of it's bounty moments after they finished. I guess they work better if you let the foundation set for a while. Hopefully dad will post pictures on his blog once he's back in GreenLake.