Friday, December 15, 2006


Two tired little babies, not impressed that I'm blocking the TV.

This morning, after we dropped Andrew off at work, me, David and Elisabeth headed out to Surrey to visit the Bear Creek Christmas Train. Davey made these nifty antlers, then we went on an awesome train ride.

When we got off the train, we had a peek into Santa's grotto. There were a whole bunch of people visiting Santa and getting Candy Canes, so Davey insisted we go see Santa too. He wouldn't talk, but gratefully accepted a candy cane.

He insisted on wearing the antlers for most of the day. Though every time you took your eyes off him, he'd be munching away on the glue and glitter. But he was very proud of his "hat".

One funny thing he's been doing lately is randomly saying either, "I'm a frog" or "I'm a cow. MooOOOoooo". Today he had to sit in the car without a carseat, just a seatbelt. He kept trying to stand up so we had a little conversation about how he needed to sit on his bum. "no mummy. I stand". I explained that people don't stand in cars. People need to sit. "see, even mummy is sitting." To which he quite indignantly replied, "Cows stand. I'm a cow. MooOOOoooo".